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Create your own personal accent improvement software lab on your PC. Learn to distinguish correctly pronounced words. Get immediate feedback, including scores and recommendations. Learn more about our accent reduction software tools and programs.

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Strong communications skills are imperative for gaining confidence and moving ahead in your chosen field. Practice speaking at a sophisticated level — fluency and natural intonation in realistic sentences. We offer Professional, Personal, Healthcare, Academic, and Business versions of our accent reduction packages.

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English Talk Shop has comprehensive software and training materials that help people reduce their accents and improve confidence and intelligibility in mission critical jobs.

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English Talk Shop creates innovative materials and techniques to help people with an accent master spoken American English. We are committed to using technology effectively along with proven instructional methods to develop the best programs available.

We pay special attention to the audio components in our materials and use professional voice actors with mainstream pronunciation for clarity.

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English Talk Shop Talks: Low-Cost Web Conferences

Our live, interactive web conferences with Nancy Hiser, our director and speech pathologist, and Judy West, an ESL professional (with 40 years combined experience in pronunciation training) launched successfully in November. Feedback was unanimously positive. We share practical ideas, effective techniques, creative strategies — immediately useful information for teachers, trainers, and students. Your $25 payment includes a conference and a digital handout. Enrollment is limited to increase participation.

Our Next Web Conference: Teaching Stress — When and How to Teach It So They Get It
When: Friday, December 6th at 7AM Pacific Time/10AM Eastern Time (45 minutes)
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