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Strong communications skills are imperative for gaining confidence and moving ahead in your chosen field. Practice speaking at a sophisticated level — fluency and natural intonation in realistic sentences.

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Offering online options for browsers, iPhones, and iPads, English Talk Shop has comprehensive software and training materials that help people reduce their accents and improve confidence and intelligibility.

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English Talk Shop creates innovative materials and techniques to help people with an accent master spoken American English. We are committed to using technology effectively along with proven instructional methods to develop the best programs available. We pay special attention to the audio components in our materials and use professional voice actors with mainstream pronunciation for clarity. Learn more about our accent improvement software

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Want to improve your spoken English? Be more successful at work and school? Try our new cloud-based platform! Subscribe to any of our American Speechsounds or Canadian Speechsounds tools.

Anyone active in academics, business, healthcare, or any professional field must be able to communicate clearly, and our comprehensive training system makes it easy. You can access our materials from almost anywhere – from your computer, your iPhone or your iPad!

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For a free 2-week preview go to the App Store from your iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/american-speechsounds/id885673803?mt=8 At the end of your free preview, online subscriptions for 1 month, 3-months, and a year will be offered on our website. If you are a current American Speechsounds user and want to migrate your desktop version (CD or digital install) to this online iPad format, please email us for details. Superior customer service continues to be our priority. New features are being added online but we are interested in your feedback now so please–send comments and suggestions. And, American Speechsounds for other mobile devices is on its way!